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  • Hi Pete,
    I love your work ,its simply awesome. Wish I could meet you and take lessons from you in person .
    I just want to say you work fantastic and creative! love it !
    Hi Pete,
    I am inspired watching you paint. The way you use colours and technique to make each painting so magical. And bless you for sharing. P
  • Love it Pete! You really do inspire a lot of us and I look forward to your video uploads! Always makes me want to fill my folgers bucket full of wa
    Oh my god. Thank you Peter so much for sending me here!!! I love it! After I watched a few of your techniques/arts I have myself tried them, and the r
    You are amazing. You are teaching me so much. I cannot wait to try this, especially with the sponge. I love the sponge effect. Thank you for your v
  • Omg its amazing !!!! I love your arts !!! You inspired me so much !!! Thank u !!! From Quebec, canada
    At first when Peter was blending with the sponge I thought it added a great effect. But then he added the water and I was blown away. I never thought
    I LOVE your paintings... I work in a store that sells art, and a abstract canvas painting can cost up to $300 dollars in my store... Watching you make
  • First I just want to say wow! I have been painting for 2 years now and have watched many videos and looked at a lot of others work. Yours I am drawn t
    Hi Pete Your paintings are really good I love them and you are a big source of inspiration to me. Thank you very much for sharing your art and some te
    I LOVE ALL YOUR WORK! I'm going to sit down now and paint because you've inspired me ! thank you for sharing your techniques and beautiful paintings :
  • thx for helping I'm trying to discover more about abstract and this truly helped me a bit. Your art is beautiful it almost brought me tears because
    Hello! I have been going through some of your work & all I could say is WOW!!!
    Thanks for the painting today. We found a great spot for it in our apartment. Thanks for doing such great work.
    Love your work!
  • Hey Peter, I think it looks great and the colors really work with the room. Thanks so much again, this really means a lot to me. Good luck with everyt
    I just wanted to say that i am a fan. Your work is beautiful! When i have saved up enough money, I'd love to purchase some of your paintings.
    Hi Peter, I've received all three of the paintings and all of them looks really good. Thanks again for your work, and prompt shipping. I will periodic
  • I ran across Peter’s Original Art one day and was very intrigued and when I got to his site was amazed. Within a week or so I bought 2 pieces of his
    Hi Pete, I just wanted to let you know that I love your work! It's fresh and different from a lot of paintings I've seen. You are very inspiring
    Hi Peter, each and every one of your paintings is so impressive. From the smallest to the largest they add so much color and excitement to all the roo
  • HI Pete. saw a video on You Tube featuring your work and since checking out your site i can honestly say I'm blown away by your paintings. I'm an abst
    Hello, I could never thank you enough for your video and pictures, these are simply the most beautiful I've ever seen. They helped me improve my paint
    Your work leaves me speechless. No matter what I am experiencing in the day, I can come to your website and be elevated. Thanks for sharing your gift.
  • Pete, you are my Guru! Amazing work! Kudos!
    Aparna Modukuru
    I love your work..Every time I see your paintings i get so much inspiration from them ..Thank you!
    Your work is inspirational and there is a lot to learn from you, thanks for sharing your techniques generously
  • Peter, I am amazed at how quickly you're putting up those videos. They are fun to watch but more importantly, it give me a chance to watch your techni
    Hey Pete, Your work is amazing, blessfull and very inspirational. Keep the spirit up. Thank for sharing. Bless
    My brother you were born to do this keep it up you inspire me peace love and prosperity
    North Carolina
  • As a subscriber to your web site videos, I've been hanging out there more than on Facebook or YouTube...great stuff, brilliant...l'v executed and visu
    Pete I have been painting for seceral years now and have recently become enamored with painting in the abstract I love the freedom and the natural ins
    Fab Peter. I was watching a TV show last night about the universe, facinating and the images were awe inspiring. reminded me of your paintings and has
  • Your my idol mr peter much like your art work.
    Your art is good. You make it look simple and to you it probably is easy. I know from experience that there is talent required and a person either has
    Watched your video many times today. Very beautiful and inspirational. Im a self taught artist who has learned to paint from videos. Thank you for sha
  • Love, love, love! Fantastic work of art! Amazing textures, dimensions, & colors! Beyond expectations, as always! Very fast ship. Thanks!
    I just wanted to thank you for being my insperation. I am a new artist and your paintings are exactly what Ive been looking for. Your website is amazi
    Hi Pete. Just had to let you know how wonderful I find you paintings - and website. Never felt more inspired than now thanks to you Simply love your p
  • Hi pete i love your work i started painting few weeks ago and your work inspires me alot. I LEARNED BLENDING METHODS FROM YOU WHICH I WAS A MESS AT ND
    Pete, love your work by the way. Truly inspiring and under your tillage I have definitely improved quite a bit over the last few weeks by watching you
    I have watched a few of your videos and seen your work. You do BEAUTIFUL work Peter I was really moved by the pieces and and by your words. I feel so
  • I just recently came across some of your You Tube clips. I have to say that your work is so strong and holds so much spirit and soul. Thank you for th
    Hi how are you... i just want to tell you that i love your work you are a great artist...i jus started to paint not to long ago and you have inspired
    Man, Peter, you're brave. It takes a lot of guts to add something to an already perfect canvas. Also, you're the master of the sponge. I tend to overw
  • Hi Pete Your artworks are so wonderful i love them Its very inspiring and i cant get enough of your paintings how long do you paint and what kind of c
    You're making it happening for me to become a better artist, Peter. The things you share with us, and your video's helps me to make more out of my art
    Your paintings are simply amazing! I love your videos on youtube!
  • OMG you're brilliant. I stumbled upon your work today because I was looking for new techniques for my pop art series and I feel in love with your work
    You've blessed me! Hello Peter,I found you a few weeks ago and wanted to tell you that you have really blessed me! I have been so worried about the fa
    You are a genius, man. It's incredible the folding effect in some of the paintings. In others the colors radiate emotional energy with the clever j
  • I cant get enough of your paintings. Ive already learned a lot from you that I plan to use in my own paintings. The sponge technique is amazingThanks
    Hi pete i love your work i started painting few weeks ago and your work inspires me alot. I LEARNED BLENDING METHODS FROM YOU WHICH I WAS A MESS AT ND
    Hi Pete. Just had to let you know how wonderful I find you paintings - and website. Never felt more inspired than now thanks to you Simply love your p
  • Truly inspiring and under your tillage I have definitely improved quite a bit over the last few weeks by watching your free lessons and Im really look
  • Peter, thank you for great vid...
    I always try to update with new videos as often as possible. Right now I try to update at least with two to three videos per month.
    Do you sell art videos on DVDs...
    No at this time only through this abstract art lesson website.
    Love your paintings. I interes...
    For the most part all my art videos I start painting from blank canvas.
  • Hi Peter Nice new paints you g...
    Hi Mickael, thank you for your comments and your question. I would suggest you try quality acrylic paint such as \"Golden Acrylics\" and see if that helps you in any way,
    Q: Peter I just viewed one of ...
    A: Thank you so much for asking these questions. Yes, I have started implementing title clips with instructions such as what colors and tools I\'m using and for what purpose in all of my recent abstra
    Q: What is the difference betw...
    Thank you George for asking me about the difference between Silver and Gold membership packages. The difference is in complexity and length of the abstract art videos being demonstrated to you. Gold m
  • Q: Hi peter, thanks for the tu...
    A: I was lucky to be influenced to art and painting from very childhood. My mother is a professional artist and art teacher in St. Petersburg Russia. This has definitely made a big difference in the w
    Q: Hi Peter, please allow me a...
    A: I like to use a variety of different tools and techniques for transitions. For the most part I prefer to use sponge since it leaves a nice soft color blending and transition. I also like to utilize
    Q: Your paintings are always i...
    A: Thank you so much for your comments! When I observe the world around me I always try to ask myself how I would transform an object, colors etc... into an abstract painting :)
  • Q: Your work is amazing! I wou...
    A: I use high quality acrylic paint and water. Because of high pigmentation in the acrylic paint that I am using I am able to add enough water without loosing the intensity in color.
    Q: Hello Peter, your creativit...
    A: Thank you Jason, yes I did use bubble rap at one point on that painting. That\'s what I love the most about creating abstract art is the creative approach to it! Good luck to you!
    Q: I absolutely love the color...
    A: Thank you for your comments. When I create paintings I have moments where I do not get the desired result. I continue to work on the painting brainstorming ideas as I go along. As a result I get in
  • Q: whats the material u use wi...
    A: some other tools I use are spatula, wired brush, wet rag, sponge
    Q: hey do you blend...
    A: keep the paint moist by adding plenty of water (but not too much)
    Q: Hi, Pete, I like your work ...
    A: I am glad that my art video lessons have inspired you. As far as how long it takes me to create an abstract painting, it depends on the painting size and subject matter. Usually not longer than one
  • Q: Thank you for showing so...
    A: you most welcome!
    Q: Hello Peter, I haven\'t pai...
    A: Thank you for your question Andrada! I use 1.5 inch gallery rapped stretched and primed cotton canvas. When I start creating abstract painting I have a blurry subject in mind which I transform into
    Q: Is the sponge dry or a litt...
    A: I alternate when to use wet, dry or painted sponge. Thank you for asking!
  • Q: Wow, Peter that was probabl...
    A: Thank you for asking, usually I just go with the flow. Sometimes it does not turn out the way I want it, however it is still a learning process :)
    Q: Your really good at what yo...
    A: thank you so much for your comments!
    Q: How do you make the acrylic...
    A: I simply add plenty of water. Thank you for asking.
  • Q: Nice video lesson and great...
    A: Sometimes I cover the canvas with white acrylic paint before I start painting with color. Thank you for asking!
    Q: Thanks for sharing your ...
    A: Usually I like to work on fresh paint, but sometimes I would let it dry before applying second or third coat.
    Q: Wow. Seriously, wow. Your t...
    A: Thank you so much for your nice comments!
  • Q: What you are adding to t...
    A: For the most part I add only water and use high quality acrylic paint.
    Q: I like your drawing and the...
    A: If I understand your question correctly, I use only high quality acrylic paint. As far as how to define an abstract painting, it is simply a visual language of form, color and line to create a comp
    Q: Hi, what do you brush on...
    A: Usually I apply water and sometimes I lay a coat of white acrylic paint
  • Q: Have you used up side down ...
    A: Yes I do use up side down brush on fresh paint. As you\'ve mentioned it makes an interesting effect :)
    Q: You are amazing. You are te...
    A: Thank you and have fun with it!
    Q: How do you do it? I mean, d...
    A: Honestly to say in most cases I just begin to paint with blank mind and come up with something as I go along. Thank you for asking :)
  • Q: Hi Peter I watched several ...
    A: Sure absolutely send those in to
    Q: Great work. Thanks for shar...
    A: You can use any regular sponge that you can find. For best results to achieving a smoother color blending transition try to use the sponge that is composed of smaller grains.
    Q: Hello I was just wondering ...
    A: I always sign my paintings using permanent marker or black or white paint. Also I usually sign my paintings at the time when I sell each individual painting.
  • Q: Hi Peter how do I keep the ...
    A: Hi Chris, I usually wet the canvas prior work and I use plenty of water with my acrylic paint. I do not use any substitutes other than mentioned. Thank you for your question!
    Q: Hi Peter to start with i mu...
    A: Thank you Mike for your nice comment and your question. I use my sponge in different situation in a different kind of way. For instance if I need to remove some of the access paint I obviously rins
    Q: Hi Pete no questions this t...
    A: Thank you Julia for your feedback I appreciate it very much!
  • Q: Hi Pete. Just love all the ...
    A: Hi Annette, thank you for your question and your comments. To get ideas for abstract painting simply start with real objects such as landscape, trees, and other objects and try to paint them in the
    Q: Hi Pete Your artworks are s...
    A: Hi Barbara, thank you so much for your questions and your comments! I have been painting professionally since 2006 and I work only with acrylic paint. For the most part I am self taught but I was r
    Thanks for making all of the w...
    In order to determine the price I first take into consideration the expenses for materials used. Than I consider the time and the difficulty of the composition.
  • Hi Pete I love your work. I am...
    Thank you for your interest and all of your great questions! I try to mix 20-30% water and the rest with paint for the squeezer bottles. I do not use mediums (usually) with my acrylics and I take the
    Hi....I am not an artist but I...
    I use multiple tools to achieve my abstract paintings effects. To list a few: spatula, sponge, wired brush, bubble wrap, feather, pallet knife, woodgraining tool and others.
    Hello Pete Will you by any cha...
    I do not have the video made for that particular painting. As far as the technique goes you are absolutely correct. Thank you for asking!
  • Thanks for the quick answer! S...
    Great questions! I simply just take the paint without mixing it and place it on canvas to work with. For the second question, many times I rinse the sponge, but there are times when I use the sponge w
    Hello I found your site from y...
    All of my paintings are one hundred percent unique and original, thank you for asking!
    Hi Peter Love the new paintin...
    Thank you for pointing this out. There was an error and it was fixed.
  • Hi Pete I was wondering how of...
    I am able to make up to 15 small paintings per session. However it takes time to create video lessons to make it presentable. As far as disliking the art I create, absolutely it happens many times and
    Hello think your artwork is gr...
    Thank you very much for your comments and your questions. Choose Your Flame painting was done in one single shot where the paint was continuously wet. The sponges I used were also continuously wet.