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What has inspired many abstract artists

By: Peter | On: 31 March, 2014

Inspiration is the cornerstone of painting abstract. Sometimes the thought of gaining motivation from certain source seem absurd to us and sometimes we tend to overlook the simple things that can drive us to create a magnificent piece of art. Let us know here what factors have inspired many abstract artists.   Josef Albers had…

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Hi Pete,
I love your work ,its simply awesome. Wish I could meet you and take lessons from you in person .
I just want to say you work fantastic and creative! love it !
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Peter, thank you for great videos. How often do you update or add new videos? I always try to update with new videos as often as possible. Right now I try to update at least with two to three videos per month.
Do you sell art videos on DVDs? No at this time only through this abstract art lesson website.
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Composition in abstract painting can be tricky if the shape is in the wrong place. There is no content to distract the viewer. However, often representational painters will cause an unimportant object in, say, a still life to assume too much importance by placing it in an awkward position, using a jarring color,m or giving it too much pattern or texture. This will distract the viewer from the intended focal point. Imagine a serene still life of roses with a carefully rendered can opener in one corner of the painting. Make sure your "can opener" is your intention.